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  1. When purchasing a vehicle from Global Vehicle Imports LTD, you will be asked to read a copy of our Terms and Conditions, which are clarified on this page.
  2. Should you be unhappy with any information given in the following text, or if it may be unclear to you, you must inform a representative prior to signing any agreement. Once you have signed the agreement, you will be bound to the following Terms and Conditions listed below.  


  1. All deposits are non-refundable. Money placed on a vehicle to hold and remove from sale will not be returned. Please only ask to have a car put on hold if you are 100% happy with the purchase.
  2. Deposits are not taken to give you time to make your mind up.
  3. If you place a deposit on a car, you have 14 days to complete the remainder of the purchase of the vehicle. Failure to do so will lead to re-listing of the vehicle advert, and the deposit will be retained.
  4. You will also be billed for any additional work that you may have agreed to be carried out during the initial sale.



  1. At the point of sale you have agreed for pre-sales preparation work to be carried out on your vehicle – This takes approximately 7 working days.
  2. If your vehicle requires additional parts, or if there is a significant delay, you will be notified by email or via mobile.
  3. We do not accept responsibility for any knock-on-effects due to delays to handing over the vehicle. 
  4. When you pick up your vehicle you must notify a representative of Global Vehicle Imports LTD. of any problems you experience.
  5. You will be given an opportunity to fully inspect the vehicle, including a standardised test drive. Filling out, signing, and thus completing a checkbox confirms that you have a full awareness of the vehicles state and condition, and that you are aware of all, if any, faults or issues that the vehicle may come with, and that you are fully satisfied with the cosmetic and mechanical condition of your purchase based on age and mileage.


  1. It is your responsibility to inform a representative of Global Vehicle Imports LTD if a fault occurs with vehicle.
  2. You must give an exact mileage count when reporting any fault by including photo evidence upon reporting an issue.
  3. You must not drive the vehicle unless given written authority to continue doing so by a after-sale representative of Global Vehicle Imports LTD.
  4. Global Vehicle Imports LTD is not responsible for any consequential damage caused by continuous driving after fault has occurred.


  1. Warranty will immediately be made void if one or more procedures outlined in documents provided at point of sale is not adhered to.
  2. The definition of “breakdown” is a failure of a component which results in the vehicle becoming immobilised or unsafe to drive. The warranty does not cover “natural” wear and tear parts in-line with the vehicles age and mileage.
  3. The warranty will not cover neglect or damage caused directly or indirectly by the customer. 
  4. We will not cover consequential damage caused by continuing to drive the vehicle when fault has occurred.
  5. We will not cover damage caused by failure of customer to take reasonable preventative steps. 
  6. It is the responsibility of the customer for recovery of vehicle to Global Vehicle Imports LTD for any repairs.
  7. Any faults diagnosed as wear and tear repairs carried out will be invoiced at standard repair rates. 
  8. No work must be carried out at any external garage without written authorisation by Global Vehicle Imports LTD. Failure to do this will void warranty.
  9. Global Vehicle Imports LTD do not provide courtesy or loan Cars.  


  1. Should your vehicle be returned to Global Vehicle Imports LTD, any refund will be paid in the form of a business cheque.
  2. Buy backs will incur deduction for servicing and mileage driven after point of sale. When calculating refunds a deduction for mileage will be based on HMRC rates of 70p per mile. (e.g. If a vehicle has done 500 miles from point of sale = 500 x 70p = a deduction of £360 will be made from any refund).


  1. All complaints must be made in writing and emailed to with evidence and image of current mileage.


When you have read this you will be asked to sign a document confirming you have read and agreed to adhere to these terms and conditions provided by Global Vehicle Imports LTD.

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